Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Zimbabwe receives medicines, money and ambulances to help combat pandemic and typhoid outbreak


India has donated consignments of medicine valued at $100 000 as COVID-19 relief to Zimbabwe.India is one of the many countries that are helping Zimbabwe combat the coronavirus pandemic.

In Luveve-Bulawayo, several people have died due to shortage of water and most drinking water coming straight from sewer pipes. A possible outbreak of cholera and many other deadly diseases are expected. After having knowledge of this, India sent $2 million to Zimbabwe with half of it dedicated to COVID-19 essentials and the other half to help with the water crisis in the country.

The donations made were confirmed by the Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellency Rangsungh Masakui. The consignment of medicines taken to Harare on Saturday included antibiotics that were also part of the $2 million package that India donated to Zimbabwe.

In a press statement, the Ambassador said: “Due to the delay in the resumption of domestic air service and continued non-unavailability international air services, there was some difficulty in putting all the consignment together and thus the arrival of all items could not be in time.”

Zimbabwe will also receive 10 faultless ambulances which are still under procurement for use during the pandemic period. Receiving the donations, Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr John Mangwiro said the donations came at the right time with a large part of the consignment having been transported to Bulawayo where there was a typhoid outbreak recently.

“India remains one of our very good friends and the drugs come in handy as some have already been shipped to Bulawayo to control an outbreak there. We will also want to assure you that these meds will be put to good use.” the Minister concluded

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