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Youth Uniting for the benefit of the community enviroment

In celebration and honour of Youth Day 2021, four local NPOs, in partnership with Perdekraal East Wind Farm and a broad stakeholder’s corpus, bolstered youth communities across the Witzenberg area in an environmental clean-up initiative.

The satellite events that took place across this winelands district included motivational speakers, youth-centric entertainment, braais, refreshments and lunches, as well as other fun activities. The clean-up project focused on the wellbeing of the environment, with the aim to give ownership to the youth, by involving them in cleaning their own communities.

“It was intended to have a positive impact on hundreds of young people and their broader communities, to repair and improve the environment we live in. Another aspect is to teach youth the importance of a clean environment, and raise awareness of the negative affect of littering in and around our neighbourhoods and rivers,” said Jo-Anne Brown, Economic Development Manager at Perdekraal East Wind Farm.

Speaking on behalf of Rivers of Restoration, an NPO in the Ceres area, Mandy Edwards shared her enthusiasm on how this project united the local youth and her hope that the event will have a lasting impact by creating a heightened awareness and involvement amongst the broader community members to reduce garbage, food waste and preserving the environment.

“It was a great privilege to witness our community’s youth getting together for such a positive
programme. We all learnt so much from the day, especially the impact of our environment on our
lives as well as animals and plants. The Clean Up also brought about a sense of responsibility among
community members to keep our homes and common areas safe and clean,” said Edwards.
The UTC-Unite the City coordinated the cleaning up in PA Hamlet through to Kliprug and Bossie area.
The speaker was Juhandre Saunders, Waste and Recycling Official, from Witzenberg Municipality. UTI
also provided participating youth with a braai and salads, and entertainment.
UTC-Unite the City also coordinated the cleaning up through the streets of Bella Vista. Lunch was
served with entertainment, music, and a motivational speaker.

NPO, Rivers of Restoration, coordinated the cleaning up through Dwarsrivier Park and Rooikamp, in Ceres.Michelle Claassen, Environmental Officer, shared insights into why communities should keep the environmental clean. Lunch and refreshments were served.

NGO, Vrolike Vinkies Educare Centre coordinated a clean-up with a target group of high school learners from IIngcinga Zethu High School, in Nduli. The keynote speaker spoke about community upliftment and self=development.

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