Thursday, October 22, 2020

Young Langa entrepreneurs receive R25K boost for their budding business


A group of young people have received a donation worth R25 000 to expand their bicycle delivery service in Langa.Cloudy Deliveries Founder, Colin Mkosi said they received the donation after applying to Spesres, a school that gives young entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn about business for free for a year.

“I was part of them and they had a competition where they wanted to donate funds to businesses. I applied and got the R25 000,” he said.Mkosi said that following the donation, they purchased a container for their services.

“The donation means that we are now a step closer to setting up a last-mile distribution centre where companies such as Takealot, FedEx and other delivery companies can deliver goods to our place and companies that would like to deliver goods into Langa can deliver to us and we will then take the goods to their customers because we know Langa better. We will also use the container as our offices,” added said.

Mkosi founded the community service in February, before lockdown, with second-hand bicycles used to assist the elderly and working-class who did not have the time to stand in queues for goods. They started as a team of 11, and have grown to a group of 22. They charge R9 for deliveries.

“When I started with this idea I didn’t even imagine it would grow to be what it is today. I just thought it would just be a service that a few people would use and support. I didn’t even think we would get support outside of our community, and even get a mention from the president’s desk,” said Mkosi.

President Cyril Ramaphosa applauded their efforts and noted that their work was “a testimony to the power of a good idea” in July. Ward 51 councillor, Thembelani Sakathi added that the youngsters were a beacon of hope. Cloudy Deliveries recently added collections of medicine to their delivery goods, where residents can WhatsApp their name, surname, address and date of collection to get their medical supplies delivered to their homes.

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