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Woodlands Dairy unveils new sustainability campaign: The truth tastes good

Woodlands Dairy, a trailblazer in sustainability within the dairy industry, has launched a campaign aimed at demystifying sustainability across the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) realms. The initiative seeks to communicate, in straightforward language, the efforts made by the company to achieve tangible sustainability successes.

Marisa Maccaferri, marketing executive of Woodlands Dairy and First Choice, explains that sustainability is at the heart of Woodlands Dairy’s business strategy and corporate values, shaping every aspect of their environmental, social, and governance practices. “Whether it’s adhering to the Woodlands Dairy Milk Standard, implementing the SWAN system, adopting energy-efficient manufacturing processes, or embracing eco-friendly packaging, sustainability is seamlessly woven into our operations. It transcends being a mere pillar; it’s the very essence of our company, it’s in our DNA,” she says.

As a company deeply committed to transparency, they acknowledge the importance of sharing their journey with consumers, leading to the launch of their new sustainability campaign. “In a space cluttered with complicated terminology and statistics, our goal is to cut through the noise and present the facts in a fresh, simple, and easily understandable manner,” Maccaferri explains. “We believe that knowing the truth about sustainable practices empowers better choices. Our dedication to transparency is evident in our sustainability efforts, providing honest, accurate, and straightforward information across our ESG goals. This is our contribution to a more sustainable future.”

The Truth Tastes Good campaign adopts a refreshing strategy to convey information in a readily comprehensible manner. Aimee Taylor, Brand Consultant at Hoola, elaborates on the campaign’s objective, stating: “Our aim is to enlighten consumers about Woodlands Dairy’s sustainability journey and establish a meaningful connection between the company and its brand, First Choice. By encouraging consumers to ‘Taste the Truth’ through scanning a QR code on the products, leading them to the newly launched website. Our bold concept strives to make a distinctive impact in-store, sparking consumer curiosity about the truth behind their choices.

“It’s a palate-pleasing experience when a company is transparent and relatable about its sustainability endeavours, highlighting a commitment to excellence and high-quality products. With a fresh and innovative website waiting to be explored, Woodlands Dairy invites visitors to taste firsthand why the truth about sustainability is as satisfying as their delicious products,” says Taylor.

Impact Studio collaborated closely with their client to create an attractive website displaying Woodlands Dairy’s commitment to sustainability. Says Janice Gutsche, CEO of Impact Studio: “Transparency is key. We openly share both achievements and unmet goals, demonstrating our honesty. The language used is serious yet accessible to all. Collaborating with a client deeply committed to sustainability for the past 13 years has been a delight. The campaign with Hoola and Woodlands Dairy was both creative and authentic, making the experience hugely enjoyable.”

The campaign’s interactive features reveal an enticing incentive on the website – an enlightening crossword scavenger hunt that actively encourages exploration of sustainability information. “We’ve strategically hidden distinctive and animated ‘Taste the Truth’ icons, conveying a serious message in a fun and real manner. The selected words underline key sustainability concepts important to our client. This engaging initiative aims to cultivate heightened awareness and appreciation for the company’s sustainability efforts,” Gutsche explains.

To connect with a broad audience, the campaign will further use various channels, encompassing advertisements, in-store point of sale (POS) displays, social media, and public relations.

Maccaferri urges individuals to delve into their initiatives and practices, promoting awareness of the steps taken to benefit communities and the environment. “Aligning choices with a brand like First Choice, dedicated to a positive impact, allows consumers to play a pivotal role in our collective sustainability endeavour. Tomorrow’s sustainability is a shared responsibility, and heightened awareness and engagement empower consumers to contribute to a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible world.”

She highlights the Choose to Recycle campaign, a collaboration with Tetra Pak, Gayatri Paper Mills, and Petco, which educates students on recycling practices. “Targeting liquid paperboard packaging, the campaign encourages schools to collect and recycle materials, with the chance to win prizes. This campaign exemplifies the impact of collaboration and education, aiming for a lasting shift toward responsible waste management in schools and communities. Reverse Vending Machines at our dairy shops further encourage recycling, regardless of material origin.”

Maccaferri concludes: “Woodlands Dairy sees sustainability as an ongoing journey rather than a final destination. We’re currently focused on reducing reliance on fossil fuels, transitioning to renewable sources, and minimising carbon emissions. Our efforts include improving resource management, especially water conservation in our region. Certifications like ISO 50001 demonstrate our commitment to efficient energy management. Waste reduction and responsible disposal practices are crucial to our sustainability goals.

“Our dedication extends to the well-being of our team and animals on supplier farms, reflecting a holistic approach covering environmental, social, and ethical dimensions. Consumers play a vital role in advancing our sustainability mission by making informed choices that support environmental and community well-being.”

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