Friday, January 22, 2021

Wind Farm prioritizes home-based care for the elderly


Home-based care for elderly community members coupled together with local employment opportunities, are two direct benefits of the Loeriesfontein Work and Grow Primary Cooperative, a social enterprise that launched at the end of last year.

“Providing care for the elderly, is something that holds communities together and can’t be overlooked,” explained Vanessa Fredericks from Loeriesfontein Wind Farm, supporter and funder of the Loeriesfontein Work and Grow Primary Cooperative.

The home-based community project takes care of twenty-four households within the Loeriesfontein community. These senior citizens, many with disabilities, are bedridden, making it impossible for them to care for themselves and their homes. This essential service looks after their physical needs as well as their immediate living environment, by helping to keep it clean.  Equally important as the daily physical help, counselling and comfort is provided by the dedicated team, who are often the only company that these elderly community members have.

“Our elderly clients are very grateful for the care and respect that we provide, which makes us feel appreciated and fulfilled by the role that we can play in our community,” said the project leaders of the elderly home-based care project.

The rationale for establishing a multi-sectoral community-based social enterprise was driven by a need to reach a number of under-serviced and vulnerable sectors within this Northern Cape town. In the process, the cooperative has created eighteen employment opportunities, six of which are dedicated to the home-based care and cleaning service.

“The Work and Grow Primary Cooperative undoubtedly fills the gap in social service requirements within the community. The impact is valued and well-appreciated by beneficiaries and the community at large,” concluded Fredericks.

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