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Wind farm hosts local youth group – inspires learning for the future – Western Cape

A group of learners from the Emoji Movement recently visited the Klipheuwel Wind Farm in an educational outing to learn about renewable energy. This visit is part of the Emoji Movement’s effort to offer local high school learners from Middleton practical insights into the renewable energy sector and its career opportunities.

Founded last year (July 2023) by Janine Botha and colleagues, this NPO is aimed at supporting high school students by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare them for their future careers. The trip to the wind farm served to educate the learners about the importance of renewable energy and its role in today’s world.

Alethea Henn, the leader of the Emoji Movement, shared her thoughts on the visit, “Seeing the wind turbines up close was an incredible experience for us. It made a real impression on the learners, sparking their interest in renewable energy. They were excited to share what they learned with their friends, highlighting the positive impact of the trip.”

Feedback from learners, including Luke Swartz (15), Ethan Appel (14) and Mario Henn (16), was positive. They were intrigued by the technology and the expertise of the technicians working on the windmills. This visit has opened their eyes to the possibilities within the renewable energy sector, with some considering it as a future career path.

In addition to field trips like this, the Emoji Movement supports its members in various ways, including academic guidance, application assistance for further education and bursaries, transport for university visits, CV writing support, community service initiatives, first aid training, and sports activities. This comprehensive support system is designed to help learners make informed decisions about their futures.

The Emoji Movement furthermore enjoys the support of local stakeholders, including the Caledon Museum and Library, and encourages learners interested in joining to reach out through WhatsApp, email, or Facebook. As a registered non-profit company, the Emoji Movement is dedicated to empowering the youth of Middleton and beyond with the knowledge and skills they need for success.

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