Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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What the fusion launch introduces new beer to SA audience


Born over 20 years ago, Desperados, the world’s first tequila flavoured beer, available in over 87 countries came to life in SA in true Desperados fashion at their ‘What The Fusion’ launch party. Desperados lit up the South African party scene with an unforgettable launch of the world’s first tequila flavoured beer.

This unique beer was unleashed at a party to remember, at the popular 1 Fox in Johannesburg in the last month for an epic event that delivered a thrilling experience for partygoers.

Social-TV caught up with the Brand Manager of Desperados SA Mathew Walton, to speak about the brand’s intention after the launch.

Q. Why was this the perfect time to launch the beer in SA?

A. We are thrilled to continue the global expansion of Desperados, with the product launch in South Africa representing a huge milestone for the brand. South Africa is a key market for HEINEKEN and introducing Desperados allows us to meet the evolving needs of consumers and increase optionality within the beer market.

Q. What are ripple effects that can come with launching a ” Desperados in SA”, are there any job creation or employment opportunities that are tied with the introduction of the beer to the market?

A. As we’re early in the process of introducing Desperados to South Africa, we are now focused on creating brand awareness and engaging partygoers. We are not currently in a position to discuss significant ripple effects as a result of the product introduction but look forward to continuing working with local customers and businesses in future projects.

Q. Is the fusion created locally, if no, are there plans to begin this process?

A. Desperados, the world’s first tequila flavoured beer, is brewed in The Netherlands and imported into South Africa. Born over 20 years ago, Desperados has become an international success, now sold in 87 countries across the world. Within the African market, Desperados is available in Ivory Coast, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, and Gabon, so we are glad that it has now made its way to South Africa.

Q. Tell us more about the concept “We are the party”.

A. Born out of wild experimentation, Desperados ignites the party spirit by pushing the boundaries and rejecting the ordinary. From house parties to festivals, on the journey to the party and bars and clubs, Desperados moves the party world forward creatively at all party occasions.

Q. The launch activated a number of different senses for the audience, allowing people to really enjoy themselves in a safe and exciting way. How did the launch amplify the brand’s intention?

A. Desperados’ marketing strategy is to promote wild experimentation in parties, leading us to push the boundaries when dreaming up our launch party. Our goal is to ignite the party spirit with creativity and experimentation. Since it was first brewed in 1995, Desperados has always been about mixing the rules rather than revolving against an idea. This party is the perfect example of that – a party where opposing elements collide in true Desperados style, which resulted in a sensational party.





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