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What makes for the best Christmas TV ads?

Christmas is a time of year that people all over the world love and this is certainly true in South Africa. People across all parts of the nation enjoy celebrating this holiday and taking the chance to rest a little from work and spend time with family.

Christmas is also a huge time of year for the corporate world in South Africa and sees the biggest brands looking to engage more customers across local communities. This, of course, is also true on a global scale, where advertising around the Christmas period is widely seen.

One of the most noticeable ways organisations do this is by creating eye-catching TV ads. A good example of this on a more international scale is the TV adverts that accompany the Spanish Xmas Lottery each year. Known as ‘El Gordo’, these ads help to not only let people know this fixed odds lotto draw is happening but also make viewers more familiar with it. As the chance to bet on El Gordo is now open to people in South Africa, this is an ideal illustration of how TV ads are used at Christmas.

Innovation is key to the best ads on TV at Christmas

In the same way that sports and art in South Africa are often closely linked, art can also have an influence in the business world at times. TV ads at Christmas are a good example but they only work when expertly crafted to connect with viewers. Without this, ads like this get lost in the crowd and fail to be truly memorable to the public.

But how do the best Christmas adverts on TV achieve this?

Storytelling and emotion

These are perhaps THE biggest features of all of the best Christmas TV ads you will see around the world. Modern consumers have moved far beyond simply being sold things and instead, need an advert to tell a story that they can connect with.

At Christmas time, this can obviously see adverts that base their stories on family, community, and the festive period itself. Emotion is also something all the top Christmas TV ads include in their story, and it helps them to hit the right note. Joy, happiness, tolerance, and friendship are all emotions that can make this a reality for businesses creating their Christmas advert for TV.


One of the most important aspects of any top Christmas TV ad is the music they use. This is key because it helps to set the right tone and convey the desired emotions to viewers. An advert that is based on a joyful family story but uses heavy metal music, for example, might not be something viewers respond well to!

Therefore, all the best Christmas ads on TV will have music that feels right and fits with the storyline. In addition, the top ads will use music that is catchy and memorable. This helps these adverts to stick in people’s minds after they have seen it and become an ad they like to watch. Who, after all, can fail to love the ‘Holidays are Coming’ jingle used in Coca-Cola’s classic Christmas TV adeach year?


One thing that any truly great Christmas ad we see on TV must have is originality. With so many shown on our screens every year, it is essential for companies to offer their own particular spin on the festive season. This not only makes the brand look totally original but marks them out as a leader in their field.

For viewers, originality in the best adverts on TV at this time of year helps us remember them and ensures they get our full attention. Whether it is cute characters, creative effects, or a different take on storytelling, the best examples really do push the boundaries in a positive way. If you take a look at the ads a top chain in SA, like Nando’s, runs at this time of year, you can see just what we mean.

Awesome production

Although the above are all important features of all fabulous TV ads at Christmas in places like South Africa, looks are also key. Humans, after all, are visual animals and we will just not connect with an advert on television that doesn’t look good. This means that high-end visuals and professional production levels are vital ingredients to consider. The Woolworths Christmas ad for 2023 in South Africa is a good example of this in action and uses excellent production to draw viewers in.

Top Christmas TV ads share similar features

Although being original is important for the best television adverts on TV around South Africa each year, you’ll still find similar features underpinning them all. From expert storytelling to emotion, originality, music, and looks, the best examples show just how effective these ads can be for engaging consumers.


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