Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Up and coming soccer players given the chance to shine in Benoni


RGM Cranes, the largest crane manufacturer in South Africa, announces its sponsorship of amateur football club Fos Milan FC from Benoni on the East Rand of Johannesburg.

Vos Milan FC was promoted in 2018 to the Premier Soccer League.  The promotion raised a lot of hope for local footballers and the community it represents.

According to RGM Cranes, they have identified the need to support and uplift the community they operate in, and the sponsorship of Vos Milan FC is an ideal opportunity to ensure this. It will be a comprehensive, two-year sponsorship and involves all their kit, kit bags, travel costs, season fees, food and beverages as well as training.

“Football is such an important aspect of South Africa specifically in areas like Benoni where the football players are celebrities in their own right. We are proud to be able to help them along their journey in the Premier Soccer League,” says David Dowling, MD of RGM Cranes and spokesperson for Fos Milan FC.

80% of the Vos Milan FC players commute from the townships and are unemployed.  “Football is there only escape from reality and the sponsorship by RGM Cranes keeps this reality alive for another season,” concludes Dowling.


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