Tuesday, November 24, 2020

UNICEF aims to build a better future for children despite the coronavirus that has hit the globe. It has committed to working with governments and authorities to secure a future for every child.

Amid COVID-19 the organisation is working hand in glove with global health partners, and the above mentioned organisations to ensure vital supplies and protective equipment reach the most vulnerable communities.

The aim of the UNICEF and joint partners is to slow the spread of COVID-19 and minimize the social and economic impacts on children and their families as they noted with great concern what harm the pandemic would do to the young stars even psychologically.

Part of what the UNICEF is doing is prioritizing the delivery of life-saving medicines, working closely with governments and logistics networks to mitigate the impact of travel restrictions on the delivery of these supplies as well as delivering nutrition and vaccines in the COVID-19 fight.

The front liners are also working with partners to urgently distribute water, sanitation and hygiene facilities to the most vulnerable communities. Again, they are distributing vital public health messaging and advice to slow the transmission of the virus and minimize mortality.

Pertaining education, the organisation is supporting governments to keep schools safe and ensure children continue to learn.  They are also providing advice and support to parents, caregivers and educators to support home and remote learning, and working with partners to design innovative education solutions.

UNICEF is also making sure that they are providing guidance to employers on how best to support working parents, and designing new social protection solutions that ensure the poorest households can access critical funding.

Lastly, the UNICEF says they are committed to providing peer-to-peer learning and information sharing between young people to support their mental health and combat stigma, xenophobia and discrimination.

“We are stepping up our work with refugee and migrant children and those affected by conflict to ensure they are protected from COVID-19,” commented one of the UNICEF correspondents.


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