Monday, January 25, 2021
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Uber Eats remembers the community.


Uber Eats is a company that allows people to search for food and discover local restaurants, order a meal at the touch of a button and have it delivered reliably and quickly. The company has joined forces with essential good providers to help deliver everyday products to South African households.

The company is observing all consistent hygiene measures and delivery restrictions laid out by the South African government.  The three and a half year old company is currently making deliveries of not more than thirty minutes late to ten cities in South African.

Uber Eats is however supporting that South Africans should stay at home during the COVID-19 lockdown period to help flatten the curve. With this, they are not competing with any customers having the panic buying but they are making deliveries of small ranges of essential items safely within an hour of ordering via the app.

The app also informs eaters that grocery and convenience stores as well as pharmacies and frozen meal options will be available for delivery with a minimum delivery fee of R25. They will operate within the hours stated by the government that is roughly from 9am to 5pm daily. Delivery times are also stated on the app so that customers may know the appropriate time to make deliveries and expect them from home.

Eaters can have any types of goods delivered to them from fresh fruit juices, toiletries to ready-made healthy meals. All this can be done with the option of no contact delivery. Customers are therefore encouraged to check the app regularly as they might be new products added daily from local partners and stores nearby.

“Partnering with essential service providers across South Africa, to help deliver everyday items via Uber Eats will allow people to stay at home and help flatten the curve of community spread. Safety is essential to Uber and it’s at the heart of everything we do – all deliveries requested through Uber Eats are contactless, meaning users can have deliveries left on their doorstep. We remain in close contact with the local public health authorities and stand ready to provide additional support as required,” Ailyssa Pretorius, Uber Eats General Manager.

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