Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Uber and Grow Your Life makes education more accessible


Uber strongly believes that education is key to a thriving and sustainable community. And much like many hands make light work, educated communities make for a brighter country. Uber recently partnered with Grow Your Life (driven by Miracle Drive) to install a library container at Tsholetsega Primary School in Krugersdorp.

Each library container is equipped with a variety of books, in many languages to ensure that all students are equally catered for, it is fully furnished, climate controlled and comfortable for the students. This warm and welcoming atmosphere promotes reading and learning and will allow the students to spend hours in the library.

Kate Owen, Campaign and Brand Lead for Uber Sub-Saharan explains, “education is key to improving the country and together with Grow Your Life, we are able to help make a big difference in these children’s lives. It was an honour to be apart of this partnership and to help provide this type of facility to this deserving community.”

The libraries will also have teachers present which will help facilitate the learning process. These teachers will not act as a mentor for students as they encourage them to take on reading and writing by themselves to ensure they become fully literate independent, opinionated, and talented individuals.

Owen concludes, “At Uber, we are able to physically connect people to places, but at the library, we want to connect students to the literary world, without leaving their seat and at no expense. We want to create an atmosphere that will allow people to come together, share knowledge and create memories, because knowledge is forever.”

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