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U- Dream calls for sponsorships to fly the plane built by teens

Twenty- inexperienced teenagers from diverse backgrounds across South Africa built a Sling 4 aircraft in a highly controlled environment, within two weeks in June 2018, under the guidance and supervision from The Airplane Factory, U-Dream mentors and five team leaders from Denel Aviation.

Following final inspections and flight certifications, the U-Dream plane built by teens is set to fly the light aircraft from Cape Town to Cairo and back from June 2019, visiting 9 countries and impacting thousands of lives during the programme.

However, without the generous support of sponsors, the Cape to Cairo Programme would not be successful and have the desired community impact.

The Sponsorship will help cover the purchase and fitting of the aircraft’s engine, electronics, avionics, fuel, spares, permits, over-border flight clearances, landing fees, aviation insurance, accommodation and transport for the pilots and support team across the continent.

Teen pilot, author and motivational speaker Megan Werner’s passion to make a difference sparked the U-Dream project. Megan Werner founded U-Dream Global to inspire her peers to follow their dreams, by proving that the seemingly impossible can be achieved, with the right team and focused actions.

To celebrate this milestone, U-Dream Global will host a pre-trip celebration ceremony on the 8st of June at Tedderfield Airpark in Eikenhof, where the public will have a chance to meet the U-Dream team, project leaders and crew.

U-Dream Global’s Cape to Cairo Programme is an ambitious aviation outreach initiative for teenagers, devoted to promoting and supporting innovation, technology and entrepreneurship as necessary key drivers for Africa’s development and transformation.

The U-Dream programme seeks to

  • • Promoting STEM education
  • • Promoting Innovation
  • • Youth Empowerment
  • • Skills Development
  • • Aviation Industry Exposure

As they fly, the teen co-pilots will be joined by a support plane, which will fly with their aircraft throughout the trip. Experienced reputable pilots with extensive aviation experience will pilot the support plane. The support pilots will handle weather decisions, flight planning, fuel planning and general risk, and help the teen co-pilots make timely, informed decisions that support safe approaches and landings.

U-Dream Global is a non-profit organisation that depends entirely on monetary donations, materials, and technical guidance from corporates and individual sponsors.

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