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Top 5 Women’s Organisations To look out for this #WomensMonth

The month of August is coming to an end, and for most South Africans, this also means that the initiatives, campagins and fundraisers which have worked to celebrate and acknowledge women’s history and achievements will also start to fade in their memories.

The general lack of sustainable ventures after  “Women’s Day”and “Women’s Month” is problematic as it has made it difficult for organisations to adequately find proactive solutions for women who continue to struggle both locally and globally after the spotlight has switched off.

Therefore it is very important that the organisations that support and help women are constantly highlighted and put on the center stage to make sure that issues such as gender based violence, rape, sexual harassment , inequality etc constantly receive the necessary push back from all the communities that are affected.

We look at five women’s organistions  in Africa, in a bid to encourage more people to engage with them beyond women’s month. Supporters of these organization can easily donate, follow to create awareness or  help by  volunteering their time to help those who are constantly in need of a helping hand. Lookout for the following pro-active organisations.

1.People Opposing Woman Abuse – (POWA)

POWA is a “feminist, women’s rights organisation that provides both services, and engages in advocacy in order to ensure the realisation of women’s rights and thereby improve women’s quality of life”.
POWA’s uniqueness as an organisation is in providing both services to survivors and engaging in advocacy using a feminist and intersectional analysis.

2. African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF)

AWDF is a grantmaking foundation that supports local, national and regional women’s organizations working towards the empowerment of African women and the promotion and realization of their rights

3. South London African women’s organisation (SLAWO)

SLAWO works with African and other ethnic minority women and their children who have been affected by domestic violence

4. Orchid Project

The Orchid Project has a simple vision: a world free from female genital cutting

5. WILPF and Voices of African Women

WILPF is the oldest women’s peace organisation. WILPF campaigns for peace, justice, equality and the full enjoyment of human rights for all.

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