Friday, May 29, 2020
Greening And Environment

The Norwegian government has just passed a total ban on all fur farming.


The legislation, which was announced by the Norwegian Animal Rights Organization (NOAH) on last week, will make it illegal for the country’s 340 fur farms to continue business. The facilities will have until 2025 to close down entirely.

The ban’s approval was adopted after a 30-year campaign conducted by Norwegian animal rights organizations against the inhumane practice.

Camilla Björkbom, chairman of the Animal Rights Society, says that the legislation sends a strong message to other Scandinavian countries such as Sweden.

“We welcome the Swedish Government’s proposal to investigate the welfare of minkers on Sweden’s fur farms, but today we see that Norway shows that a ban on fur farming is possible. This is a great news … because it sets a good example for Sweden and the upcoming Swedish investigation.”

“Norway is talking about today’s message to the growing number of countries in Europe who discontinue fur farming. By 2017, the Czech Republic and Germany have also decided to shut down fur farms,” Björkbom said.

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