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The launch of the Enable Centre aims to provide care for all

A group of health practitioners are excited to announce the launch of the Enable Centre, a new non-profit organisation which creates a dynamic space where the community can receive comprehensive care, with practitioners who care.

Based in Kenilworth, the centre is fully equipped and technologically-inclined which will enhance the multi-disciplinary treatment provided.

The idea was born in 2019, when a group of young practitioners met while working together within the same rehabilitation facility. Their backgrounds and fields of study were diverse; however, they shared a common vision, which consisted of three founding pillars:

· To tackle the most complex of rehabilitation cases using a science driven approach. This approach combines innovation and expertise from multiple fields to promote optimal physical and cognitive recovery.

· To bridge the divide between public and private health care in South Africa. High quality, individualised private care carries a large price tag, making it inaccessible to the majority of the population. This shouldn’t be the status quo. The Enable Centre operates as an NPO, which provides access to all who need care.

· To initiate a mind-shift in how we see and treat life changing injuries. Traditionally, rehabilitation has focused on what an individual has lost. The Enable Centre focuses on what an individual can potentially gain – creating the positive environment needed to promote maximal recovery.

Operations will commence on Friday October 1 from Aintree Park, 1 Loch Road, Kenilworth.

“Establishing the Enable Centre is a mammoth but exhilarating task! Bringing a team of over 10 health care practitioners together to service hundreds of clients is a daunting prospect.

“The support our team has received in this venture has been overwhelming. It is comforting to know we are doing the right thing and that many lives will be touched and improved through the work we do,” said the Enable team.

The new treatment centre along with its team of experienced therapists offers a range of treatments including biokinetics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and hydrotherapy.

But what sets the centre apart is the new technological and scientific advancements. It is easy to slip into a comfort zone of using basic equipment and not expanding one’s horizons.

“Although we are careful to not jump onto any so-called ‘fads’, we are quick to adapt and integrate technologies and techniques that have a strong scientific backing.”

Some of the technology used at the centre includes neuromuscular electrical stimulation; electromyography; biofeedback balance training; body-weight supported training; suspension therapy; vibration therapy; exer-gaming; blood flow restriction training and hydrotherapy.

A key factor of the Enable Centre is to provide rehabilitation services to all. That said, initial funding has been secured to provide subsidised rehabilitation services.

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