Friday, January 22, 2021
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The JOHNSON’S® Baby Healthy Skin Project raises awareness on healthy pregnancies


Pregnancy Awareness education is an enlightening initiative by the Department of Health to educate new mothers and expectant mothers about their health concerns, their rights and health and safety issues regarding the foetus, ensuring healthy pregnancy and safe motherhood.

The Project is aligned with the cause of strengthening pregnancy education, while also stressing the importance of effective baby skin care practices from birth. Research shows that most mums are unaware of the harmful skin practices that can negatively impact their babies skin and Johnsons is on a mission to help change these through pregnancy education and donation of baby products to those in need.

It is imperative for new mothers to understand that while a baby’s skin feels delicately soft and silky smooth, it is much more vulnerable to irritation and infection than adult skin, especially within the first few weeks of a baby’s life.

Knowing that healthy skin is critical to the development of healthier babies and with a common goal, JOHNSON’S® Baby has launched The JOHNSON’S® Baby Healthy Skin Project, in partnership with Unjani Clinics, aiming to provide accessible medical treatment and awareness to thousands of low income mothers and babies, with the purpose of improving overall health through better skin health for babies.

The brand made a further commitment in their efforts to improve the health of South African babies through educating and training of community healthcare workers on pregnancy health related topics. This training is carried out annually in January, followed by the Pregnancy Education Week. The education shared with the healthcare workers is then disseminated into the community to help uplift and empower mothers

Concurring with our vision of happy healthy development, Dr. Carol Hlela, Paediatric Dermatologist explains the importance of skin health – “Skin health is often overlooked, as it is seen as non-life threatening and thus tends to be shrugged off. Healthy skin is critical to the development of healthier babies because they will be less vulnerable to infection and free from the discomfort and inhibitions of skin problems. This Project recognizes this and aims to help educate mothers to take better care of baby skin.”



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