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The causes making a difference in SA

We all know that South Africa is a country whose deep and storied history means that today it continues to face a myriad of complex socio-economic challenges. Despite facing these formidable challenges, South Africa continues to demonstrate its indomitable spirit in tackling systems of poverty and inequality to create a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

This is evident in the continued and significant impact that charitable organisations across the country have made, working tirelessly to provide essential services to those in need and strengthening communities across the country. However, most South Africans don’t even know who these charities are or what work they are doing.

“When you give money to a cause, it’s often a leap of faith. You hope it’s doing good, but how can you be sure? It’s common to not know the details of where those funds go or to see the impact it has on its intended recipients. But, giving to a cause should never feel like a leap in the dark,” says Dalit Shekel, CEO of Relate Bracelets.

“That’s why, in alignment with our commitment to be transparent and accountable and through our Impact Report, Relate will not only show where your money goes, but also the real change this money brings to individuals, communities, and the country as a whole.”

In its latest Impact Report, Cape Town-based non-profit organisation Relate Bracelets reported it had raised over R2.2m in the past financial year alone. More significantly, the non-profit has raised more than R76.2m for social upliftment through the sale of over 4 million bracelets worldwide since its inception.

“In just over a decade, Relate Bracelets has experienced extraordinary growth. From our humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone of social upliftment, our progress is marked by tangible achievements,” adds Shekel.

“Our corporate partners, retailers and customers appreciate the clarity of our mission: every sale fuels positive change, with no profits diverted. Our transparency mirrors that of a publicly listed company — open and accountable. It’s this commitment to integrity and impact that strengthens our partnerships and builds trust in our collective mission.”

According to the report, the money raised through bracelet sales has helped to support more than 110 causes across South Africa, focused on areas such as health, education and social upliftment, and animals and conservation, which account for 91% of impact funding.

Some of the most notable projects which money has been raised for include Goodbye Malaria, which has received R13,912,383m to date to assist in its mission to eradicate the oldest disease in the world, as well as the Endangered Wildlife Trust at R3,276,248.

Bracelet sales also contributed R2,041,883 to Ikamva Labantu, helping to provide access to resources and opportunities for local community leaders across South Africa, while R2,022,462 went to empowering young people from vulnerable communities through the Amy Foundation and R1,321,418 contributed to the protection and conservation of Africa’s majestic and incredible elephants through Elephants Alive.

“The diversity of the sectors receiving the largest pieces of contributions reflects Relates’ commitment to a holistic approach to change and our position as a bridge to those making a direct impact by helping turn the support of individuals across the globe into real-world change,” Shekel says.

While these figures showcase the passion and commitment not only of the charities who received funding through Relate Bracelets this year, and over the past decade, Shekel notes that there is still a lot of work to be done to really address social issues, advocate for change and build a more inclusive South Africa.

“Government simply cannot shoulder all the responsibility to address social issues, break cycles of poverty and inequality, while protecting communities and the environment – both the public and the private sector need to come together to help too. By joining hands, these causes will be able to continue their vital work transforming lives,” she adds.

“In the end, it’s all about trust and teamwork.”

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