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Teens the focus during Pregnancy Awareness Week

The City of Cape Town’s Health Department will observe Pregnancy Week, from 12 to 16 February, by shining a spotlight on their services at clinics and highlighting basic antenatal care (BANC). 

‘The aim of this week is to reduce pregnancy related complications and the number of negative outcomes during pregnancy for both mother and baby. Pregnant women should begin visiting antenatal care as soon as they know they’re pregnant, within the first three months of their pregnancy or as soon as 12 weeks,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, Councillor Patricia Van der Ross.

The Health Department aims to ensure that 47% of all expectant women register for BANC before they reach the 14- week  mark and 72% of all expectant  women register before they reach 20 weeks.

‘Another concern our health staff will focus on is teenage pregnancies. Not only do adolescent pregnancies have a detrimental impact on our nation’s economic growth     and productivity, communities and families, but it can disrupt the young mother’s education which puts her future at risk,’ said Councillor Van der Ross.

 Some of the events at City clinics this week include campaigns to raise awareness of:

·       pregnancy-related danger signs and symptoms

·       basic antenatal care services

·       birth preparedness , complication readiness and early recognition of danger signs in pregnancy and post delivery  

·       Management of existing medical conditions which can be aggravated by the pregnancy, such as hypertension, diabetes, infections and anaemia

·       Self-care including nutrition and high standard of hygiene

·       Information on the role of the father, the male partner and the family

·       Discussions about the pregnant woman’s mental health

·       Healthcare workers will check blood pressure, test urine and the weight of the moms-to-be . Blood tests also form part of the precautionary health check, which includes a test for syphilis and HIV

·       The healthcare worker will treat any health problems detected, including STIs.

·       Monitoring of your baby’s movements and growth and, depending on the stage of the pregnancy, the healthcare worker will refer you for an ultrasound

 Expectant mothers are reminded that a healthy diet and exercise, personal hygiene  and breast care are paramount.

It is important to be aware that self-medication may harm the baby. However, if you are pregnant, continue taking prescribed medication, including antiretroviral treatment.

 Pregnant women are advised to abstain from smoking cigarettes, using illegal drugs and drinking alcohol. Pregnant women who are unable to stop taking these substances should talk to the healthcare professional at the antenatal visits. If they are 18 years or older, they can go directly to a clinic offering Matrix ® certified drug and alcohol support programmes. Free drug and alcohol treatment is available at the City’s Matrix ® clinics.

 If you suspect you may be pregnant, visit your nearest clinic for a pregnancy test. Early pregnancy care, before 14 weeks of pregnancy, will ensure that you and your baby are safe and healthy.

 The support pregnant women receive during pregnancy  from their loved ones is equally important. So, do bring along your partner  or a close relative or friend to your antenatal visits.

 City Health also provides reproductive health services for women who want to prevent pregnancy and includes oral and injectable contraception methods, intra-uterine and      other hormonal devices, male and female condoms, as well as counselling and testing for sexually transmitted infections. Sexual education sessions and reproductive health services are offered to young people from Monday to Friday from 14h00 to 16h30 at all City clinics.


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