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TEARS is hosting an ADOPTATHON DAY for Adopt-a-Pet dogs and cats.

TEARS Animal Rescue is hosting an ADOPTATHON DAY at its Kennel and Cattery on 6 March from 10AM to 3PM to find homes for Adopt-a-Pet dogs and cats.

Adopt-a-Pet Animal Shelter’s founder and funder, Cicely Blumberg sadly passed away in May last year and the Phillippi-based shelter has been forced to close after 17 years of rescuing and rehoming companion animals in need. TEARS Animal Rescue has offered to help the shelter close down, and Adopt-a-Pet will be transferring the remaining 31 dogs and 3 cats in its’ care to the Lekkerwater shelter in Sunnydale. The TEARS Kennel Team eagerly anticipates the arrival of the first batch of dogs and cats to start integrating them into an adoption Programme.

TEARS and Adopt-a-Pet have always had a close relationship and common goal. Says TEARS Co-Founder and Director, Marilyn Hoole: “The passing of my dear friend and Adopt-a-Pet founder Cicely Blumberg has resulted in a gaping hole in the animal welfare and compassion education sectors in Cape Town. Cicely was a tireless crusader for human and animal justice, and dedicated her life’s work to improving the lives of pets and pet owners in low-income communities across the Cape Flats. It’s tragic that the shelter is no longer sustainable but we are pleased to be able to assist Adopt-a-Pet in providing a safe haven and hopefully rehoming the remaining dogs and cats that are still at the shelter.”

Adopt-a-Pet has homed dozens of dogs and cats since Cicely’s death and only the last few pets remain and wait for homes.

Says TEARS Kennel Manager, Luke Kruyt, “We’d like to appeal to Capetonians to consider opening their hearts and homes to accommodate an Adopt-A-Pet or TEARS dog or cat. TEARS doesn’t have the space to take all Adopt-A-Pet animals at one time, so we’re hoping to increase our adoptions on the day to ensure that we can integrate these animals as soon as possible.”

The ADOPTATHON will take place at the TEARS Kennels and the TEARS Cattery, both in Sunnydale. To view the dogs and cats looking for homes, please visit the TEARS website at Anyone who is interested in possibly adopting needs to complete the adoption questionnaire ahead of the event so the Kennel and Cattery Team can consider the perfect “match-ability” between pet and pet owner.

For more information please email

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