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Tammy Taylor Nails Western Cape partners with Amy Foundation Beauty Programme

Black and Coloured youth, and in particular, poor black youth face enormous challenges in all aspects of their lives.  Their communities are plagued by issues such as extremely high crime rates, drug use, single-parent families and child-headed households, gangsterism and pandemic diseases such as HIV/Aids and Tuberculosis.  Inadequate education also contributes to these issues. These in turn impact attempts to rise out of poverty; making it more difficult for low-income families to lift themselves and future generations out of poverty, thus perpetuating the cycle of poverty.


Poverty and social exclusion impact outcomes on young people’s lives both in the short and long term and across a variety of physical, cognitive, behavioural, emotional and economic outcomes. Those living in poverty are more likely to suffer low self-esteem, do less well at school, and are more likely to suffer unemployment, low pay and poor health in adulthood. Poverty has a particularly adverse effect on the academic outcomes of children and youth. Exposure to violence can also predict future violent behaviour in youth, thereby placing them at greater risk of injury and mortality and entry into the juvenile justice system.


One of our biggest challenges in South Africa is the high risk of unemployment among young adults and school leavers. After leaving a committed primary school programme, students face the stagnant job market and the challenge of falling short in ‘soft skills’, vocational skills, and experience.


Participants complete our FREE three-month programme at 2 Dagbreek Street, Sybrand Park with the skills to become economically active youth and active members of the job force. The main disciplines on offer are Hospitality; Beauty & Wellness; Sewing, Craft & Design; Soft Skills & Work-Readiness, Retail Readiness, Artisan Skills and Business Skills & Entrepreneurship. Youth skills development (YSD) students are granted the opportunity for internships and potential jobs.


Under the supervision of our beauty team the learners are empowered with sufficient knowledge and skills to equip them to be part of the beauty industry.  By gaining these skills the learners are prepared for entry-level job opportunities or even starting their own business.


TV Presenter, Actress, International speaker and Founder of the Beauty programme at the Amy Foundation, Roxy Marosa explains, “When I started the beauty school in 2015, I intended to instil financial independence in youth from poor communities. Tammy Taylor brings a set of nail skills that the high-end market wants. With the right attitude combined with the soft skills and beauty training our learners from Amy Foundation beauty academy in conjunction with Roxy Marosa gives, our learners will be empowered as skilled and certified nail technicians who will be economically active, relieving the financial burden from their families and the country. This fulfils my intention.”


Development partners and collaboration is the driving force behind the programme that Marosa runs.  Master Educator at Tammy Taylor Nails Western Cape, Enoch Nii Aryitey Jr says, “The CEO, the President and the entire Tammy Taylor Nails team believe, giving back to the community is a core factor to Empowerment. Growing with passionate individuals who desire to establish a firm vocational interest drives the Tammy Taylor Nails team to embark on these scholarships to the Amy Foundation. Projecting Amy Foundation’s value, the beneficiaries are entitled to a full Tammy Taylor Nails scholarship to study the Nail Technician Course and Business customer service.


Three learners were identified, Ngcwelekazi Mkosana, Pamela Kweza and Asanda Tifi who embody the values of the foundation and display them daily in the Beauty programme; respect, dedication, integrity, honesty and hard work has earned them a bursary to the value of R28 500 which sets them up for the Beginner Acrylic Nail training at Tammy Taylor Nails.  Since being with the beauty programme Pamela has fallen in love with the art of transforming nails and she loves where this opportunity will take her. Pamela adds, “Nails are my life, I am so in love with this programme and so grateful for this new adventure that awaits me.”


Thato Montse founder of Thato Wines and reflects, “I am all about giving back and the aim is to improve the lives of children and youth across South Africa, when communities take time to work together for the benefit of youth the results are long and lasting and partnership with the Amy Foundation is amazing as we are going to change these learners lives and make a meaningful difference in our communities and Tammy Taylor partnering with Amy Foundation is remarkable.”


Roxy Marisa concludes. “We are very grateful to be identified by and to partner with Tammy Taylor SA through Thato Montse in the further development of our beauty students. Thank you for the bursaries. Giving Hope to the Hopeless. Together we are changing lives and making a difference where it matters”

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