Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Take care of your heart and live longer this World Heart Day


World Heart Day is a global initiative of the World Heart Federation (WHF), with co-sponsorship from the World Health Organisation(link is external) (WHO) and UNESCO. World Heart Day aims to raise global awareness of cardiovascular disease and its prevention

The campaign emphasises prevention measures and risk factors, which include:

High blood pressure
High blood cholesterol (increased lipid levels)
Lack of exercise
Obesity and

The World Heart Federation has found that heart disease and strokes are the world’s leading cause of death, killing 17.1 million people every year – that’s more than victims of cancer, HIV and AIDS and malaria.

Overeating, lack of exercise, unhealthy diets and high blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels are all factors which can trigger heart disease and threaten our own lives, and those of loved ones. Heart Day was set up to drive home the message that heart problems can be prevented.

World Heart Day is celebrated every year. It was created by the World Heart Federation. The first World Heart Day took place back in 2000. Since then, in 2012, leaders from around the globe committed to the reduction of worldwide mortality from non-communicable diseases by 25 percent by 2025.

As World Heart Day is all about drawing people’s attention to heart diseases and illnesses, as well as the range of health issues that are associated with this, it makes sense to raise awareness and also improve your own understanding.

We would recommend taking some time to do a bit of research about heart conditions and risk factors. You can then use your online platforms and your social groups in order to raise awareness.

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