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Stellantis Celebrates 11 Top-performing Startups and Innovation Partners with 2023 Venture Awards

  • Celebrating innovation and successful collaborations, Stellantis N.V. today recognized 11 top-performing technology startups with the second annual Stellantis Venture Awards.

The Venture Awards accentuate Stellantis’ dedication to delivering customer-focused technology and features, powering the Dare Forward 2030 ambition for global clean, safe and affordable mobility.

“Our focus is on creating products that our customers love and enjoy,” said Ned Curic, Stellantis Chief Engineering and Technology Officer. “With the Stellantis Venture Awards we recognize the fresh, creative perspectives of innovative startups that help us deliver useful, cutting-edge features.”

Stellantis works with startups in two ways:

  • As a partner: Stellantis fosters innovation through fast implementation of innovative solutions from startups. In the past two years, Stellantis has signed more than 110 partnership contracts with startups.
  • As an investor: Established with an initial investment of €300 million, the Stellantis Ventures capital fund focuses on early and later-stage startup companies that are developing cutting-edge technologies that could be deployed within the automotive and mobility sector. To date, the Stellantis Ventures portfolio has 12 investments.

Honorees were selected based on the impact on the customer experience, the novelty of the technology and its potential scale within Stellantis.

The 2023 Stellantis Venture Awards recognition, listed by pillar category of the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, includes:


  • Recicli (Brazil) specializes in developing sustainable technologies for all industries. Stellantis and Recicli worked together to recover rare materials from electric batteries, leveraging an innovative bio metallurgy process using microorganisms.
  • NetZero (France) specializes in high-permanence carbon removal from the atmosphere by turning agriculture residues into biochar, a very stable form of carbon.
  • Trails Offroad (United States) inspires customers to enjoy the capability of Jeep® vehicles to explore off-roading with the trails offroad guides available in the Uconnect system.
  • Vehya (United States) makes the electrification experience easy by supporting Stellantis customers in North America in choosing and installing the right Free2move home charging equipment.


  • Tiamat (France) developed an advanced sodium-ion battery cell chemistry, which offers a lower cost per kWh and an alternative to lithium-ion, free of lithium and cobalt, increasing sustainability and sovereignty.
  • Electra Vehicles (Italy/United States) offers AI-based software solutions to extend battery lifetime, range and safety for existing and next-generation chemistries, enhancing the overall performance.
  • Vayyar (Israel) uses a highly advanced 4D imaging radar platform that detects movements and tracks multiple targets for in-cabin monitoring and improved safety. This enables seat belt reminder, anti-intrusion system, and child presence detection in a single sensor.
  • Geoflex (France) delivers global real-time positioning accuracy down to 4 centimeters, enhancing advanced autonomous vehicle technology.
  • 6K (United States) UniMelt plasma process enables advanced sustainable manufacturing to ensure clean, low-carbon emission material production.


  • Shippeo (France) and Freight Verify (United States) enable customers and dealers to track the location of their vehicle’s transportation in real time.

In addition, Stellantis congratulates the other 22 finalists and their projects: Bee Planet, Qinomic, Deepki, Meili Tech, Pontosense, Easyrain, Objeos, WooDoo, Storedot, Batemo, Flag-MS, Ideal Power, Marel Power, Auto-U, Crave Industry, Upply, Tractable, Knobs,,, Emergency Safety Solution, and Ucorp.

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