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Springbok Community Empowerment Through Monitoring and Evaluation Programme

Two years on, the Namaqua Data Collectors & Processors SMME stands as a testament to sustainable development in Springbok, having grown from an initiative that benefitted five local women into a thriving, sustainable business. This success story, emerging from a development programme aimed at fostering socio-economic growth, showcases how targeted support and funding can catalyse long-term sustainability for local enterprises within the community.

Following a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Training Programme in 2022, the Namaqua Data Collectors & Processors was established, comprising a team of three founding members and two employees. Through site visits and beneficiary interviews, the team evaluates impact, identifies challenges, and provides recommendations for ongoing improvement across all Kangnas Wind Farm projects. In addition, the company submits comprehensive M&E Reports to the Wind Farm, which uses them for internal reporting and ensures proper funding allocation, including ABCD funding.

“When I first enrolled in the M&E Programme, I was without a job and uncertain about my future. The experience paved the way for me to become a Managing Director,” said Monique Arendse, Management, Namaqua Data Collectors & Processor.

She added, “Through this programme, I discovered my true potential, experiencing personal and professional growth while broadening my expertise. My passion for community work was reignited, and witnessing the impact of initiatives like the wind farm’s ABCD Funding scheme on our communities has been the highlight of my journey.”

Funded by Kangnas Wind Farm in collaboration with the African Foundation for Sustainable Development, the M&E programme was designed to facilitate meaningful socio-economic change by enhancing the capabilities of local women. This programme is part of the wind farm’s broader strategy to support sustainable development and entrepreneurship within the Springbok community.

“We are deeply committed to fostering local talent and empowering communities. Our enterprise development goals include developing enterprises to effectively operate as suppliers, to support sustainable employment creation programmes as well as mentor and develop small businesses,” concluded Rouchet Daniels, Economic Development Manager for Kangnas Wind Farm.

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