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SOS Non Profit Organisation Unveils Innovative Ablution Project on UN World Toilet Day

In recognition of United Nations World Toilet Day, Save Our Schools Non Profit Organisation (SOSNPO) announced the launch of a ground-breaking ablution project that aims to address critical water, sanitation, and hygiene barriers in the community of Bloekombos, Kraaifontein.

This transformative initiative was made possible through the collaborative efforts of SOSNPO, Esor Construction, and Container World, who have joined forces to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. The unique project refurbished a containerised unit into a fully-functional sanitation station, equipped with two shower cubicles and ablution facilities catering to both boys and girls.

The strategically located container, will not only serve the broader Bloekombos community, but will also extend its services to the local preschool situated on the premises. What sets this project apart is not only its functional purpose, but the artistic and cultural elements incorporated into its design.

The container’s exterior is adorned with a vibrant mural painted by a local artist, adding community identity to the structure, and showcases the three brands’ unified passion towards piping water solutions for the greater good of communities.

CEO of Esor Construction, Wessel van Zyl comments: “Esor Construction is proud to be associated with SOS in providing assistance and solutions in the areas we operate. We have had a long-standing relationship with the City of Cape Town in delivering water and sanitation projects and are cementing our footprint in the Western Cape through this collaboration with SOS. Providing sanitation solutions and restoring dignity to the communities are a win-win solution.”

The interior is equally unique, featuring a distinctive ‘shweshwe’ pattern that seamlessly integrates the logos of the three partnering entities— Save Our Schools Non Profit, Esor Construction, and Container World. This collaboration not only serves a functional purpose but also stands as a testament to the power of unity and shared goals. Container World’s CSI consultant comments:

“The greatest impact comes from right-fit partnerships. This collaboration between SOS/Esor/Container World is certainly going to have a positive impact in this community. This well designed, properly installed, safe and dependable sanitation unit will be a blessing to this neighbourhood.

Thank you to SOS for including us in this initiative.” UN World Toilet Day, observed annually on November 19th, serves as a global reminder of the importance of access to proper sanitation and hygiene facilities. By launching this ablution project on such a significant occasion, SOSNPO underscores its commitment to overcoming the challenges faced by impoverished communities in the realm of water, sanitation, and hygiene.

In South Africa, approximately 33% of the rural population do not have access to basic sanitation services1 . The unique ablution facility is set to make a significant impact to overcoming the current challenges faced in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolically performed by representatives from SOSNPO, Esor Construction, and Container World, signifies the collective dedication of these partners to making a positive impact within the WASH sector . Through their combined efforts, they aim to demonstrate that significant change is possible when like-minded organisations come together for the greater good. Shelley Humphreys, SOSNPO CEO comments:

“This project embodies our organisation’s unwavering commitment to creating sustainable solutions for communities facing water, sanitation, and hygiene challenges. By collaborating 1 UN Water.

Water a Shared Responsibility (2006). Retrieved from with Esor Construction and Container World, we are not just building facilities; we are constructing a pathway to dignity, contributing to a better, healthier future for the residents of Bloekombos.”

This initiative is more than just a facility; it is a symbol of hope, unity, and progress. The impact of this project will extend far beyond its physical presence, fostering a sense of dignity and well-being for the community it serves.

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