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Somizi Mhlongo Teams Up with Reach For A Dream Foundation on International Childhood Cancer Day to Launch Dream Club

n commemoration of International Childhood Cancer Day, the Reach For A Dream Foundation invited media icon and beloved celebrity Somizi Mhlongo to launch Dream Club – its latest project designed to bring joy, hope and vital support to children courageously battling life-threatening illnesses, particularly cancer.

 Reach For A Dream invites children who are on similar treatment journeys to join Dream Club and participate in age-appropriate outings and in-hospital activities throughout the year. By focusing on shared experiences, Dream Club helps these children feel accepted, supported, and understood, while fostering deep friendships with peers who empathize with their circumstances.

 Julia Sotirianakos, CEO of Reach For A Dream Foundation, underscored the significance of launching Dream Club on International Childhood Cancer Day: “This day serves as a global platform to raise awareness about childhood cancer and its profound impact on children and their families. By introducing Dream Club on this occasion, we aim to highlight the urgent need for mental and emotional support for children and families affected by cancer, while emphasizing the transformative power of hope in their journey to recovery.”

 Each Dream Club activity centres around four enriching themes: hope, confidence, courage, and family. These themes celebrate the remarkable resilience and bravery of the children, providing vital emotional support during their challenging journeys.

 “These children are incredibly courageous, and each themed activity is a testament to their strength,” added Sotirianakos. “Whether it’s a martial arts class, a weekend getaway with their families, or an art class within the hospital, each activity is designed to inspire hope, boost confidence, and create lasting memories.”

 When a child joins Dream Club, they receive a special kit symbolizing the beginning of their transformative journey with Reach For A Dream. Teenagers receive a journal to record their experiences, while younger children receive a sticker book with a sticker given at each outing, symbolizing their progress along the path of healing and joy.

 Mhlongo inspires hope

Mhlongo joined the Reach For A Dream team on its first Dream Club activity, themed around hope, for children bravely undergoing cancer treatment at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital. He distributed Dream Club kits, participated in an in-hospital art class, and shared heartfelt words of encouragement, bringing smiles to these young warriors.

 “As a proud supporter of Reach For A Dream and their incredible Dream Club, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of hope in the lives of children battling cancer,” shared Mhlongo. “Hope nurtures their spirits, fuels their resilience, and gives them the strength to overcome every hurdle. Infusing hope into their journey empowers these young fighters to believe that anything is possible.”

 The Dream Club will be rolled out nationally, aiming to help brave children forge lasting friendships while giving them something to look forward to. “Our vision is to walk alongside these resilient children throughout their healing journey, empowering them to emerge as courageous survivors,” Sotirianakos says.


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