Monday, April 12, 2021
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Solar Street lights improve living conditions


The installation of solar street lights in the community of Olifantshoek has changed the lives of residents.The lights were installed in May last year and since then there have reports that crime decreased  and t social and trade conditions have been improved in the area.

Selao an Olifantshoek community leader,  says community members now feel safer, enjoy more time outdoors in the evening and even benefit from improved trade for informal businesses, who can now keep their doors open for longer.

“The solar street lights have provided our society with much-needed lighting and communities such as Skerpdrai and Diepkloof have noted a significant improvement in the safety and wellbeing of their community members, with a sharp drop in the number of burglaries,” said Majuba Selao, resident of Olifantshoek.’

Additionally,  local police have also reported a decrease in crime within the areas that are near the solar street lights and that community members have become more safety conscious by choosing to walk along the well-lit main road at night.

Olifantshoek is the second community to benefit from REISA’s Solar Street Light programme, an initiative that aims to improve community safety, security and social livelihoods of around 10 253 residents, in addition to taking advantage of this environmentally friendly solar-powered technology. What’s more the 105 solar street light units that have been installed along Olifantshoek’s busiest main road require minimal maintenance and zero running costs.

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