Sunday, September 27, 2020
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SHOUT SA Mobilises SA to support healthcare workers confronting mask shortages during COVID-19 pandemic


In an emergency shout-out to all South Africans and corporates, SHOUT SA has created a new public service initiative to get surgical and N95 masks to healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together with SMD Technologies, SHOUT4MASKS was formed to raise funds to buy masks directly from factories, overcoming the risk of profiteering middlemen in getting these vital supplies to healthcare workers and hospital patients.

As Shout co-founder Danny K explains, “There is a crying need to protect those who are protecting us  – our frontline heroes. Battling valiantly against Covid-19 our healthcare sector needs our support right now. Here at Shout SA we have a voice, why not use it to shout out to our fellow countrymen to help secure more masks?”

Adds co-founder Kabelo, “We are also calling on all our fellow musicians and celebrities to get behind this to inspire and unite the nation to help get proper safe masks for those that need them most. For patients and our most vulnerable communities, I am relieved that we are able to spread a protective front for both.”

Launched on Friday 3rd April, the Shout4Masks platform – – enables the donation of combination packs of both specialist and surgical masks to healthcare workers and patients, for as little as R100. SHOUT SA’s partner, SMD Technologies, has been able to secure excellent deals directly from medically-approved factories, sourcing masks at cost price with no middleman profiteering.

As Avi Mishan, SMD Managing Director explains, “With the dire shortage of masks in our hospitals, doctors and nurses, as well as patients are at risk. We had to find a way to afford them quality masks with no compromise on safety and no profiteering. For the greater good of our country. This is about all of us.”

Special tiers enable corporate South Africa to join the initiative, scaling up the supply of masks for healthcare workers at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 25 000 Silver, R100 000 Gold and R250 000 Platinum tiers will see the delivery of thousands of masks to healthcare locations that need them. Special commemorative plaques and certificates of recognition will be issued to honour these invaluable contributions.

Alongside SHOUT SA and SMD, SHOUT4MASKS is supported by Yossi Hasson of the Runway Fund and creatively powered by leading social change agents, MAL design studio.

As Designer-In-Chief Emma Strydom shouts out, “How encouraging and uniting for the country to see public services being initiated across NGOs, trusts, businesses and the entertainment industry to benefit and support the healthcare sector, fulfilling our nation’s gees to unite and give back. Imagine the power of Shout4Masks spreading its protective might across South Africa to more than flatten the curve – to smash it.”

Donors should note that Shout4Masks is a Section 18A company.  All donations will receive a tax deduction certificate.

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