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SANRAL Paves the Way for Economic Opportunities for Marginalized Groups in South Africa


SANRAL is advancing economic opportunities for marginalized groups in South Africa, including women, youth, people with disabilities, and military veterans. This initiative aligns with SANRAL’s overarching goal of transforming the South African economy and uplifting communities affected by its infrastructure projects.


Through nationwide information sessions, SANRAL is educating vulnerable groups about available opportunities. Recently, one such session was held in the Emakhazeni Local Municipality, serving over 50 villages and townships in Mpumalanga.


During the session, the project manager for Routine Road Maintenance (RRM) on the R33-9 emphasized the importance of involving designated groups in major projects like the Moloto Road Upgrades. SANRAL’s transformation policy aims to reduce barriers to entry and provide fair opportunities for all.


SANRAL’s commitment to transformation is evident in its 2021/22 Integrated Report, where it engaged numerous small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs) in construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance projects. Notably, a significant percentage of contracts were awarded to black-owned SMMEs, with substantial value of work performed.


The agency’s goals include targeting a portion of contracts for enterprises owned by women, youth, military veterans, and people with disabilities. In the Eastern Region, significant investments were directed towards youth and women-owned businesses, contributing to local economic development.


In Emakhazeni, a site agent outlined RRM projects scheduled over 22 months, with a portion earmarked for local SMMEs. Women attending the session expressed optimism, highlighting the need for more support and information for female SMME owners.


Business owners shared their eagerness to participate in SANRAL’s opportunities, citing transparency in the process. Collaboration among local businesses was encouraged to leverage SANRAL’s support for community development.


SANRAL announced the imminent appointment of a project liaison officer for the Emakhazeni area to maintain open communication with local businesses and the community.

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