Monday, March 8, 2021
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Saftas to recognize YouTube, Instagram and Facebook content producers


Every year, The South African Film and Television Awards (Saftas) hosted by the National Film and Video Foundation, honour’s creative excellence in the local film and television industry. For the first time in over 14 years, the award ceremony will be recognizing YouTube, Instagram and Facebook content producers.

According to Saftas Project Coordinator, Stacey Takane “Annually at Saftas we look at how else we can improve and ensure that we keep up with the times. When we spoke about it was so critical because we felt that there is too much content out there that is credible and excellent and is not being rewarded because our guidelines are so restricting because they fit more to having an actual official broadcaster”.

The foundation felt that it was critical and important to open up the categories, to young up-and-coming talent creating incredible work.“Just because you don’t have an opportunity to be on an official broadcaster or VOD platform does not mean you are not creating amazing work. So, it is an opportunity for these guys to get opportunities and meet other people,” noted Takane.

She highlights that “Tik Tok is a fairly new category and what we would like to do with new categories is to start quite small. If you look at TikTok content it is quite huge. We just felt that for now let’s start small and this grows into multiple categories and in future, we will have TikTok as one of the categories there”.

Submissions are still open for more information visit:

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