Thursday, March 4, 2021
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SA Artist uses her voice to fight GBVF


Buhlebendalo Mda who is part of the double platinum-selling South African group called The Soil, is also a gender activist who fights for equal rights for all genders.

In light of the continuous abuse of women in South Africa, Mda said she uses music and visuals to speak out against gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF).

“Social media has become a powerful tool to express what is in the spirit, I am an all-round creative. I am a healer in all aspects. My music does not just require understanding but allows people to surrender to a space of acceptance. Whoever seeks healing and alignment with self, needs to listen to my music,” she said.

The talented artist said she has always stood for equal rights, especially for women.“I have always been outspoken and firm about my beliefs,” commented Mda. She uses her celebrity status to promote the rights of women by talking openly about issues that need to be addressed.

“I personally feel that our leadership is not doing enough to protect the rights of women in our country. I sometimes do not blame them because the same leadership has women in ‘deputy’ positions. Women are not given the platform to lead entirely. So, should things change there at the top, maybe we will start having women-to-women conversations,” she added.

Additionally, Mda believes that some cultural and religious traditions are the biggest setbacks in the transformation of South Africa as a society. “We are not fond of change. The systems have chained our minds to a point where cannot see past our colonisation. However, I am excited to be part of a generation that stands for truth and change. A generation that questions and is willing to unlearn everything that was forced down our throats,” concluded Mda.

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