Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Road infrastructural developments to lessen road accidents


Over the years, Nigeria has recorded a number of accidents due to bad unkept roads. Considering the massive loss of lives the country may witness in the future, the government together with civil society has committed all efforts into infrastructural developments in the South-West and other towns.

The infrastructural developments have been put as the country’s topmost priority. In Nigeria, most accidents occur towards the end of the year with many reasons given by researches. Often at times, people get excited to wrap up the year and tend to drink and drive, some just speed carelessly and some people become victims of circumstance in many road accidents.

During this time of the year, many campaigns around Nigeria are made to caution people from speeding and drinking while driving. However, the government has stated that they will play their role by fixing the roads in due course.

Mr. Kayode Ibrahim who was accompanied by the Oyo State Controller of Works said it was the policy of the Federal Government to complete all the road projects soonest. The completion of the road projects would link up the various sections of the country and make vehicular movement less dangerous.

Kayode admitted the scarcity of funds saying: “Every project has a funding challenge but the government is trying its best to ensure that all its projects are funded, to encourage contractors that are committed. Government is trying to raise money here and there, for some of its projects, the result of part of the money-raising is in the developments we are seeing.”

Furthermore, this project will also open doors to thousands of jobless people around Nigeria.

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