Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Peermont Education Trust opens new career door for law graduate


Themba Nguni, a law graduate who decided to challenge himself to study law 10 years ago, has been awarded an opportunity to join Peermont’s legal team. The 27-year-old, who was awarded a bursary through the Peermont Education Trust (PET), is a beneficiary of the Trust, which covered his law studies in 2011.

Themba has described the impact that Peermont has had on his academic, personal, financial and career life as immeasurable – saying he would not be where he is today if it wasn’t for the Trust. Through the PET, says Themba, he has been introduced to people who have mentored him in all areas of his life and continue to do to so to this day. “I would not be who I am today had I received a bursary from another company,” says Themba. “I owe this amazing opportunity to Peermont’s Group Legal Advisor, Rubina Olivier, who chose to mentor me at her own will – a decision that has impacted numerous aspects of my life and goes well beyond my education.” Olivier comments that Themba’s desire and ambition to succeed will unlock his full potential, and she’s confident that a lot of success will follow this determined young man.

The Peermont Education Trust attracts ambitious, positive, and hardworking individuals, all of which are traits that worked in Themba’s favour when he was awarded the bursary. Jenny Findlay, Trust Manager of the PET comments, “Themba has achieved something phenomenal in having a “group” title at the age of 27 years. However, this did not fall out of the sky, Themba earned this through hard work, ambition and the discipline to stay the course. He made full use of all the support and opportunities that were offered to him, He listened to advise and stayed humble. Other young people could take a leaf out of his book and learn from this.”

Through the support system offered by the Trust, the law graduate was able to focus on his studies and achieve stellar university marks. “The Trust gave me access to stress management lessons, additional study lessons as well as tickets to inspirational talks,” adds Themba. “This support set me up to achieve good marks, which equipped me to do my articles at the largest law firm in Africa. Here I gained corporate law experience that qualified me to be considered for the legal position at Peermont.”

Themba was inspired to pursue a career at Peermont because of opportunities he would have to learn about casinos, properties and the entertainment industry. He’s intrigued by the Peermont business and hopes working for the group will help diversify his business and legal experience. In 2012, Themba was able to secure work during university holidays within Peermont’s Legal Department – an opportunity the law graduate attributes to his ability to secure articles in later years. During this period, Themba was responsible for administrative work, filing, research, attending meetings as well as meeting with external attorneys. This was Themba’s first formal job and taught him lessons associated with being organised, managing his time, interpreting the law, networking and learning about corporate culture.

When asked about his relationship with his mentor, Themba compares it to having Google Maps on a phone, inputting your destination and receiving the best guidance. He says the benefits of having a mentor include avoiding making common mistakes and getting clear and direct advice, which has forced him to work even harder. The law graduate is a firm believer of the Zulu proverb – “Indlela ibuzwa kwabaphambili,” which means – “those who have travelled the journey know it well.”

“I was raised by my late grandmother and I believe she sacrificed a lot so that I could finish school. Therefore, I told myself that I will not reverse or nullify her efforts and wish to do as much as I can so that the next generation of our family is afforded better opportunities,” says Themba. “I want to inspire young people and work hard so that my story can move them to strive to achieve a better life.”

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