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Ozone: A powerful Therapy to combat COVID-19 outbreak.

Citizens around the world are in panic mode because of Coronavirus (COVID-19) which continues to affect many lives. In an effort to prevent the spreading of the virus, President Cyril Ramaposa has banned gatherings of more than 100 people in South Africa. 

WHO recommends standard health procedures such as regular hand washing, as the virus settles on surfaces and stays reactive for up to 14 days, covering mouth and nose to prevent the spread, avoiding close contact or social distancing and avoiding high impact areas and avoiding anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

The Traditional Ozone Healers Association of Southern Africa (TOHASA) suggests we can reasonably promote cleanness and standards for indoor ozone levels by using ozone for disinfection and sterilization in the human environment. This would be in the form of direct gas delivery into the areas, pumped at regulated intervals to avoid further damage to those with respiratory infections. Topical applications, such as Ozone Soap and gel,  will also increase the contact barrier.

Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive gas composed of three oxygen atoms, is considered as a natural occurrence occurring in the Earth’s and lower atmosphere. It has the ability to reach every corner of the environment. Benefits of using ozone include high steralization as it oxidizes  viruses and bacteria( by denaturing the protein casing surround these pathogens) and by leaving no poisonous residue making it one of the safest preventative measures available. Man-made applications such as the Ozone Hyperthermia sauna steam systems and DIV Ozone (Direct Intravenous) will be beneficial during this time.

“As the Traditional Ozone Healers Association of Southern Africa, (TOHASA) we may have a solution as a precautionary measure to the public. We are all, as a nation threatened by this pandemic called CORONAVIRUS or COVID19 which has hit the world “said Dr Colleen Faulconbridge, Chairperson of TOHASA”. She proposes the adoption of Ozone Therapy which has been used successfully for at least 150 years in many countries to treat over 100 diseases. Ozone Therapy utilizes the gas to improve the body’s intake and use of oxygen, thus increasing the immune system, which is imperative during this potential pandemic.

Dr Shawn, the Vice Chairman of TOHSA believes that when it comes to looking after yourself and avoiding chronic conditions, prevention is better than cure. In his experience, he’s found that Ozone Therapy is one of the safest therapies on the planet  to prevent and treat many health-related conditions. 

The COVID-19 epidemic is not only threatening one’s health but potentially will have a  lasting effect on the Worlds economy. In an effort to repress the spreading of the virus, organizations are in the process of sending employees home to self-quarantine. 

“In a country like South Africa, this will spell disaster. The immediate impact on the economy is becoming a nightmare because, businesses are shutting down until the virus burns itself out, “notes Faulconbridge.

Impact on health is a concern, however, Ozone is the future of healing. 

For more information please contact TOHASA,

0822250104  or 011788-5764

*Editors Note: This is the corrected version of this article.


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