Monday, November 30, 2020
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Oil Nut Bay will not stop serving the community


In partnership with friends, Oil Nut Bay’s Sustainable BVI Development is giving back to the community. The Development is in the business of changing people’s lives.

At a tender age, David V. Johnson and his friends bought underperforming gas stations and made them profitable by the time he was in College at Michigan State. Although he later got into an accident and broke some of his body parts, David did not forget about his thirst for changing people’s lives.

The entrepreneur became the largest luxury homebuilder in the Midwest after selling real estate in Detroit’s tony suburbs of Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills. “My goal was to build 10% of the high-end custom homes in the United States,” said David.

“I wanted to find the most beautiful land and to create an amazing development in harmony with nature, a development that would literally change people’s lives,” continued David who then founded Oil Nut Bay on the spot.

David Johnson also created the North Sound Foundation to support local cultural, environmental, heath, and educational services. This Foundation raised more than $700,000 to provide meals to vulnerable people in the community. Local schools were also provided with computers, headphones and updated playground equipment.

The initiative rebuilt O’Neal Primary School in the North Sound after heavy damage from Hurricane Irma. The rebuilding of the school made it stronger, smarter, and greener, supplying it with the latest educational technology.

The Foundation has also taken care of the community by providing food vouchers to people in who have been fired has hosted  a youth summer programme  which includes swimming lessons.

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