Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Nominate a mom you think could do with R500 right now


Raising kids is not an easy task, especially for mothers who are struggling financially. In an effort to help these mothers, Back- a-Mom is raising funds through Facebook. Touched by a story of a struggling mother, Co-Founder of MomSays, Shaney Vijendranath’s pledged R500 for a struggling mother on her Facebook Account. After seeing all the comments on her page, she realised there are a lot of mothers who need help.

“I really did not expect people to share such personal stories with me but then after receiving so many comments that overwhelmed me, I knew that I couldn’t help everyone and frankly it hurt because I really wanted to. I knew that I had to get more people involved. It was time for teamwork,” said Vijendranath. She asked the mothers what they would buy if they had to be assisted financially? and Some of the answers she received were:

I would buy nappies and baby formula.
I would buy groceries.
I would pay some of my debt.
I would buy some winter essentials.

Vijendranath reached out to 4 people after sharing her social media post. “I contacted friends and 3 out of 4 agreed to back the cause. I knew I could convince more people to come on board, so after chatting to many of my friends and work colleagues, I decided the best and most transparent way would be to launch this campaign on Back a Buddy. I cannot help every single person who has been affected in some way or the other by Covid-19 right now, but I know that together we can help at least a few moms”

Anyone can nominate a mom who they think could really do with R500 right now. You can nominate a mom by sending an email to or on their Facebook page. She notes that there is no right or wrong, they are simply doing their bit to help mothers who are destitute.

“My goal is to make women smile across the country and perhaps help someone keep their lights on or feed a few hungry tummies before they go to bed at night. I cannot do this alone.” Vijendranath is also in the process of challenging businesses and PR companies to help her make this dream a reality.

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