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#NewCampaign: The story of a Standard Bank Protea

TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris (TBWA) created an integrated campaign for Standard Bank to showcase its commitment to Regional Performance Centres (RPCs) and endeavour to move South African cricket forward.

As the official sponsor of the Proteas and this Cricket South Africa development programme, Standard Bank wanted to show how, besides providing the facilities, equipment and coaching, RPCs instil self-belief and prepare kids for their sporting careers.

“This is not a campaign about the bank; this is a campaign that puts cricket development at the front and centre,” clarifies Peter Khoury, CCO at TBWA.

Here, he goes on to explain what it’s really about…

How did you conceptualise the campaign?

We needed to develop a campaign that put cricket development at the front and centre. Byron Fraser and James Andrews (the creative team) knew that not every promising cricketer will become a Protea. And the few that do make it are forever looking over their shoulder at the next generation coming in to take their place. Every generation wants to hit more sixes, take more wickets, and score more 100s than the generation before them. This competitive undertone, born from the desire to do better than the players that came before, is the human truth that our campaign is based on.
Explain the angle you took, and why.

The organising principle on all platforms is: ‘From Bud to Bloom – the Story of a Standard Bank Protea.’ The main content film or TV ad is a statement of intent to all the current Proteas from the next generation that is hungry and determined to make a name for themselves. We, as viewers, get a sense that the future of SA cricket is looking very promising. Tonally it is all attitude, energy and optimism.

Comment on your work with Darling Films.

It is great working with a bunch of people who can collectively hustle and do whatever it takes to get it done. Darling Films did all they could to bring this project to life and added value wherever they could. Zee Ntuli, the director, has an amazing eye and is great with kids. It was also the first time I have had the opportunity to work with a DOP Motheo Moeng, and he was fantastic; such beautiful lighting and composition to all his shots.

Comment on the other content films.

There are several other content films that focus on different aspects of the narrative. There is a specific ‘Bud to Bloom’ film that focuses on the kids, and the experiences that they went through during this production, from physical training sessions with the Proteas, to deep and meaningful talks, and ‘a private lesson in confidence’ with Kagiso Rabada in the Protea changing rooms. The kids give you a more in-depth view into their world, reality and possibilities. The ‘How to Grow a Protea’ film focuses on actual RPCs, their purpose, the difference this makes and the communities affected. We also have five player profile films that focus on a few of the kids in the campaign. These are fun and show other kids in similar situations that these kids are just like them. These films are all flanked by further supporting media, such as social, outdoor and in-stadium content with their own specific broader narrative.
What’s the objective of the campaign?

We have created a platform that has the potential to keep adding meaningful value as the years pass, and keep the RPCs in the spotlight. Our intention was to move these kids forward in their minds, and to give them self-belief by exposing them to all the things they can expect if or when they do become a Protea ‘one day’.

From training at the Protea facilities, riding on the Protea bus, press interviews, getting themselves mentally ready in the change rooms, and playing on the actual Wanderers pitch, we exposed them to it all, so it was no longer an unreachable fantasy. We needed to let them know that becoming a Protea one day is not just a dream, it could actually happen and it is within their reach.

But talent is not enough; you have to have self-belief and self-motivation. By influencing the way they think, we could change the way they look at the world and help them become more confident, believing the life they are after can be achieved. An experience like this can change a kid’s whole outlook on life; Protea or no Protea; discipline, hard work and determination are the foundation for any successful person, regardless of career.

What’s next?

We keep going. We will unpack this campaign even more as we go through 2018 and beyond (the campaign will run indefinitely). Keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming next.

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