Sunday, April 11, 2021
Public Relations

Navigating the new communications world


Joining Margaret Hirsch and Marlene Powell at their recently held Entrepreneurs Workshop (virtually on Zoom and Facebook Live), was guest speaker Janez Vermeiren, a Communications Specialist from, a company that he founded to help create content for Africa. Janez spoke about ways to navigate the new communications world that businesses find themselves in today.

The workshops, that are held weekly and have seen a considerable increase in attendance over the weeks, were conceptualised to help struggling and well established entrepreneurs throughout South Africa to find new paths to help their businesses to survive and thrive. Margaret, an award-winning business woman committed to helping fellow entrepreneurs and Marlene, in the top 100 of ActionCOACH globally and who received the Global ActionMAN of the year award for Africa in 2020, encourage engagement from attendees so that they can help them find a solution to their particular problems in business.

Janez, who was well known as a presenter on Top Billing, a show that pathed the way to him presenting some of the most popular lifestyle, reality and travel shows on local and international TV said that after coming off the show he had to reinvent himself. “I realised that the traditional content creation model needed to be democratized, so that talented African filmmakers could get an equal opportunity to pitch on briefs for clients, brands and agencies and that is when I started – a film and content crowdsourcing platform that offers brands, clients and agencies a direct line to a network of skilled creative professionals”.

Janez explained that with an increase in 40 % over the last year in video communications consumption, businesses should be considering this form of media. “You can build your brand on Social Media now and YouTube is an excellent way to get your message out there. Podcasts are also becoming popular. Also, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date as that is your businesses shop window.”

Join Marlene and Margaret this Friday on March 5 when Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, Sharon Castle will be putting forward some pointers on how to help you and your business negotiate a path through difficult situations. Follow this link: to log on.

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