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Mural Art Project adds colour to Morningside Swimming Pool

‘During the month of Junethe City embarked on creating mural artworks at the Morningstar Swimming pool in Durbanville. This project has enhanced the walls of the swimming pool allowing residents to work with the City,’ said Ward 112 Councillor and Mayoral Committee Member for Corporate Services, Alderman Theresa Uys.

The City of Cape Town enabled a co-design workshop around the Morningstar Swimming Pool Mural Art Project in which 19 young people from the community were organised into three groups, each tasked with developing ideas around the mural’s design, the story it should tell, and the message it needs to convey. Each group focused on different aspects: brainstorming concepts for the mural’s visual elements, discussing themes, colours, and styles.


The ideas that emerged from the workshop were remarkably aligned, entering around themes of multiculturalism and marine life. Participants expressed a strong desire for the mural to reflect a multicultural image that warmly welcomed swimmers from all backgrounds, symbolising inclusivity and community spirit. Additionally, they emphasised incorporating vibrant images of marine life, connecting the mural to the aquatic environment of the swimming pool and celebrating the beauty of the underwater world.


Provision was also made for interested young community artists to be part of the mural implementation team, offering them a unique and valuable learning opportunity. These aspiring artists had the chance to work closely with the renowned lead artist, Skumbuzo ‘Skubalitso’ Salman, gaining first-hand experience in the intricate process of creating a large-scale mural.


‘Participants were introduced to a variety of techniques and methods essential for mural creation. They learned about layout techniques, such as grid drawing and projection, which are critical for scaling designs accurately onto large surfaces. Additionally, they were trained in spray painting methods, including how to control the spray for different effects, blending colours, and creating depth and texture. This comprehensive training ensured that they acquired a versatile skill set that could be applied to future projects, and we are so incredibly proud of them,’ said Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, Councillor Patricia Van der Ross.


By participating in the mural project, the young artists also had the chance to share their own creative ideas and perspectives with their community.


‘The workshop provided a vital platform for the youth of the area to engage in meaningful dialogue, exchanging ideas and perspectives. This interaction fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other’s views and experiences. By creating an environment conducive to open communication, the workshop ensured that diverse voices were heard and considered in the mural’s design process, we thank all involved,’ said Alderman Uys.


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