Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Minister hinders relocation process of African elephants to a new habitat


An initiative organised by Dinokeng a nature reserve in Hammanskraal that aims to relocate four bull elephants  from South Africa to Mozambique have been delayed due to unfinished paper work from the Department of Environmental affairs allowing for the transition of the elephants not being completed on time.

These reports were described by an organizer, Dereck Milburn  as a

“setback and loss in time”

Dereck said that all paper work has been completed on his side and he  is now waiting for the Minister’s completed paperwork.

The relocation comes after one of the elephants escaped from Dinokeng and was followed by a few others earlier this year.

The tormenting incident took rangers and volunteers two days to escort the elephants back to the reserve. The Minister’s office stated that the setback was caused by a malfunction in communication as the elephants were expected to be relocated to the Zinave national park in Mozambique in pairs because of space constraints on the truck.

The Dinokeng nature reserve said the truck transporting the elephants could only accommodate two at a time, and would drive an average speed of about 40km an hour for almost 24-hour-trip.

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