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Metropolitan launches a free financial course which teaches important entrepreneurship lessons

In the lead-up to Mandela Day on Monday 18 July, Metropolitan and FunDza Literacy Trust have partnered to launch a new edition of their free online financial literacy course, Making it with the Majolas.

The online financial literacy course is centred around the Majolas, a fictional South African family. The story follows their daily lives as they navigate challenges and opportunities that affect their finances.   Through their story and in understanding the challenges of the characters, readers are introduced to a range of vital financial literacy concepts, skills and tools.


This third edition follows the first two instalments – Moving up with the Majolas and That Majola Magic – and is firmly rooted in the theme of entrepreneurship. The tale shares the learnings, challenges, and successes of single mother Nolwazi as she starts a chicken business selling eggs to her community. 


This year’s course teaches key financial concepts that are essential for entrepreneurs to understand, such as how to draw up a business budget, tips for negotiating with suppliers and the importance of compiling a solid business plan – all packaged in an engaging and easy-to-follow format.


Making it with the Majolas also teaches aspiring business owners how to prioritise their business spending: “Nolwazi might want fancy new fans to keep the chicken coops cooler in the hottest months, but these are not necessities. She has to spend her money wisely so that her business stays viable: maybe she can find some second-hand fans online, or trade some chickens for them,” highlights the Practical section of one of the modules.


While the previous courses covered a wide range of financial topics, Claire Klassen, Consumer Financial Education Specialist at Momentum Metropolitan, says that the financial services group intentionally chose to hone in on entrepreneurship in the latest edition. “Through teaching essential business skills, we can encourage the development of entrepreneurs, which is an integral part of our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) mandate.


“South Africans are inherently entrepreneurial, and as we emerge from the pandemic, we believe that entrepreneurship will play a starring role in tackling rising unemployment.”


The course, which is zero-rated across all South African networks, will run from 18 July to 31 August 2022 and is free to all. Klassen says that would-be learners simply need to register on the site to gain access to the course.


“Those who complete all course modules by the end of August will receive a certificate of completion, while the top ten participants who score an average of 50% or more are entered into a random draw. Once entered, they stand a chance of winning one of 10 prizes.”


She adds that through registering via the site, learners also receive free access to FunDza’s archive, which includes educational books, short stories, essays, poems and more.

Lea-Anne Moses, Executive Director at FunDza, says that the story told in Making it with the Majolas is very much aligned to this year’s Mandela Day theme: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Since 2019, FunDza has worked with the Momentum Metropolitan Foundation on the Majola project, which uses the story as a vehicle for financial literacy education. The stories are exciting and the characters are easily relatable. Each story forms the basis of the course competition. This year we’ve focused on entrepreneurship, showing young people how to start a business by tapping into their networks and using resources at their disposal. 

We believe that everyone will benefit from the lessons shared in this year’s course.”


As South Africa closes off Youth Month, Metropolitan has also re-released the first two editions of its Majolas financial literacy course, Moving up with the Majolas and That Majola Magic, for those who want to brush up on their financial knowledge ahead of the release of Making it with the Majolas on 18 July. Visit to register.


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