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Linzwa Foundation empowers communities and takes care of homeless people

“Since the Lockdown was announced in South Africa, we’ve realised that more people were starving. People became more afraid of hunger than Covid19. Emotions got high leading to an increase in a number of women and children abuse within families.

Looking at all these factors, we then Lauched a Soup kitchen, The soup kitchen caters for elderly and child headed families especially those who are on chronic medication. We have introduced activities with the aim of keeping our children entertained and occupied.

Due to a number of abuse reported cases we then launched a Me, Myself and I campaign, which is a campaign that teaches people about self love to avoid people staying in an abused relationship cos of meterial things. Hunger has been also a leading challange we then decide to launch Linzwa 50c for 50 famalies.

50c for 50 families is a financial wellness aiming at teaching our community and kids about the value of money. This campaign encouraging our community to start saving. Most people when they see 10 or 20c on the floor they are happy not to pick it up.

Our projects are made possible by BB Bread (Premier FMCG) who donated plates and glasses for the soup kitchen and bread every week. Vodacom who ensure when we visit school they join us to motivate students and make them aware of e-school which is a free online platform for scholars.

Our partnership with Insika Yentsha Foundation has made it possible for us to also give our community sycho support through Insika Yentsha” said Lindiwe Pride Dube who is the founder of Linzwa Foundation.

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