Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Konica Minolta returns to Orange Farm to celebrate a decade of greening SA


In conjunction with Food and Trees for Africa , Konica Minolta South Africa (KMSA) recently returned to the Orange Farm area to plant over 2000 trees for Arbour Week. Over the past decade, KMSA has donated a total of 42,218 trees, which included; 4,600 bamboo and 124 tree equivalent spekboom, both of which are particularly effective at removing carbon from the atmosphere. A portion of these trees, can be located in schools and homes in Orange Farm.

At an event at Leshata Secondary School on 26th September 2018,  KMSA and FTFA planted new trees, before taking a walk to view some of the trees planted at homes ten years before.

The donated trees are very welcome, as they provide shade and make the school a more pleasant environment,” said Mr. Molelekoa at Leshata Secondary School. “Celebrating this event also helps to make our children aware of the importance of trees and nature.” he adds

The project estimates that the planting has offset around 15,578 tons of CO2e, thereby enabling KMSA’s to achieve a carbon neutral footprint, in line with their broader commitment to sustainable business practices.

National marketing co-ordinator, Konica Minolta South Africa,Ritchi Smith says “Along with planting new trees, we visited some of the homes where trees were planted a decade ago and met the residents who are benefiting from them, giving us a real sense of the legacy this initiative has forged.”

Food & Trees for Africa is an organisation dedicated to addressing food security and environmental sustainability, while also emphasising education and skills training.  This month, they marked  their celebration for Arbor Month by returning to the area  alongside Konica Minolta to celebrate a decade of greening South Africa.

“KMSA’s commitment this Arbor Month was to plant a total of 2,000 trees in the Orange Farm, Sebokeng and Evaton area, benefitting approximately 66 schools,” says Smith

Konica Minolta’s ongoing donations have reached 787 beneficiary organisations, including 757 schools and 30 community centres as well as 11,639 homes. Moreover, 129 community educators have been trained and educated through the tree planting activities.

“We had a great deal to celebrate, this Arbor Month. We are fortunate to partner with organisations that help our environment and change the lives of people across South Africa. We look forward to further growth in the next decade,” concludes Smith.


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