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Kenyans to get electricity under subsidy plan.

Thousands of Kenyan families struggling without electricity have been put under a subsidiary plan by the government to get connected to the national electricity grid.

Families in Kenya have been reportedly struggling without power for over a long time. With this, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta set a number of families under a five year subsidised project that was launched in September 2015.

“Accelerating access to electricity has been a priority national goal, acknowledging that electricity supply catalyses socio-economic development,” said managing director Bernard Ngugi.

According to Mr Ngugi such a project was once carried out to help Kenyans get connected with electricity though not all of the people benefited from the project.

“The Last Mile project targets to connect a total of 1.02 million customers out of which 494,374 have already been connected. Rural centres transform quite fast after they are connected to supply,” commented Ngugi.

The project was funded by the World Bank, the African Development Bank (AFDB) and the Kenyan government. It targets customers situated near transformers and was to be carried out in three phases.

The World Bank funded 30 per cent of the money that carried out on the project. The plan is currently on its phase two and it has been implemented through funding from AFDB with 60 percent of the connected customers done through the banks funding.

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