Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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JOHNSON’S® Baby observes Albinism Awareness Day


JOHNSON’S® Baby, the leading skincare brand for infants, believes in empowering parents through education and awareness. On the 13th of June, JOHNSON’S® Baby commemorates International Albinism Awareness Day by joining hands with people and children suffering from this severely misunderstood condition to extend support and drive recognition and better understanding of the issues surrounding albinism.

Albinism refers to a group of rare genetic disorders that cause a lack or complete loss of pigment, specifically melanin, in the skin, hair, irises of the eyes and the retina, which is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. This causes distinctively lighter skin and eyes which are far more vulnerable to Ultraviolet rays. Albinism also leads to a variety of visual impairments due to the lack of pigmentation in the eyes which is essential for normal vision

Due to erroneous beliefs and myths, albinism is surrounded by stigma and children suffering from albinism are often ridiculed and isolated. Awareness is crucial to combat these outdated beliefs so children with albinism can lead fulfilling and healthy lives. While most children with albinism are as healthy as other children, the lack of melanin in their skin makes them more vulnerable to sun damage. According to Dr. Hlela, South Africa’s first paediatric dermatologist, this can be prevented by avoiding the sun as much as possible, applying a high SPF sunscreen, wearing protective layers of clothing and by wearing sunglasses. Regular eye check-ups and treatment are also necessary for children with albinism.

JOHNSON’S® Baby has now introduced the new JOHNSON’S® Top-to-Toe extra moisturising baby wash with added moisturisers to help protect dry, sensitive baby skin during bath time. The new Top-to-Toe wash is soap free and specially formulated to relieve dryness in babies and to soothe extra sensitive skin. JOHNSON’S® Baby believes in catering to the special needs of all parents and children, and in celebrating differences.


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