Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Young Jamaican technology student Rayvon Stewart has made an invention that kills bacteria and viruses and hopes it can kill the coronavirus.

In recent years, the young man vowed to himself that he was going to come up with solutions to limit the transfer of pathogens to multiple surfaces hence saving lives. This happened after more than 40 babies died in hospitals of a lethal bacteria named Klebsiella.

The bacteria as described by Steward infected newly born babies in Jamaica and the bacterium is more or less the coronavirus. It is spread via contaminated surfaces or from person to person and just like the COVI-19, the bacteria can be killed by thorough washing of hands with warm soapy water.

Rayvon says according to his study, the coronavirus lives up to two or three days on stainless steel and metal and again several hours on fabric depending on factors like temperature and humidity.

The lab tests confirmed Xermosol’s efficiency in killing more than 99.9% of deadly pathogens. In addition to health facilities, Rayvon hopes it could help reduce transmission of germs in other public spaces such as schools and businesses thereby saving the lives of people and help flatten the virus curve.

“Tests carried out in conjunction with University of Technology, Jamaica and University of the West Indies show that Xermosol destroys organisms such as MRSA and E-coli and destroys viral cells such as influenza virus H1N1.This is a huge step in the fight against microorganisms and offers new ways of thinking around combatting viral cells such as Coronavirus,” testified Rayvon.

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