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Isiphosethu Foundation advocates for corporates to invest in NGOs this World NGO

World NGO Day celebrates and honours non-profit organisations and their far-reaching impact on society. To commemorate this day, Isiphosethu Foundation, a Gauteng-based non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering marginalised communities through education, healthcare, and socio-economic development, will host its third annual fundraising hike on Saturday, 9 March at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, Johannesburg.

Isiphosethu founder and chairperson Bandile Mathebula (23) says the Isiphosethu Foundation aims to achieve six of the United Nations’ (UN’s) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “Our annual fundraising hike reflects our commitment to constantly promoting social change, increasing community development, and addressing the widespread social inequalities in the country. Since our initiative’s establishment in 2020, we’ve worked towards accomplishing the first six UN SDGs, which aim to eradicate global critical issues by 2030, such as poverty/hunger, health, education, water & sanitation, and various inequalities.”

Mathebula says driving change and serving as one of the catalysts for the UN’s mission requires society to join forces and work towards enabling change. While NGOs are at the forefront of tackling these missions, support from corporations and investors is a critical requirement for NGOs’ continued operations.

He adds, “We are always encouraging our peers to jump onto our wagon as we are on the journey to creating a sustainable future as leaders of tomorrow. We also encourage our peers to engage in hobbies such as hiking activities to raise funds for upcoming projects that can benefit the wider society.”

The importance of collaboration between NGOs and corporate partners

Collaboration between NGOs and corporate partners is a cornerstone in addressing the multifaceted challenges societies face. Recognising that these issues often transcend the capabilities of any single entity, the synergy created through collaboration becomes essential. NGOs bring deep-rooted expertise, on-the-ground insights, and unwavering dedication to addressing pressing social issues, while corporations offer resources, innovative solutions, and expansive networks. This partnership creates a powerful force capable of driving sustainable change.

Highlighting the mutual benefits derived from such partnerships

In highlighting the mutual benefits of such partnerships, it becomes evident that both NGOs and corporate entities stand to gain significantly. For NGOs, corporate partnerships provide access to vital resources, including funding, technology, and skilled manpower. These are instrumental in expanding their reach and impact.

Moreover, collaborating with corporations enables NGOs to tap into diverse skill sets, strategic guidance, and specialised knowledge that can enhance their effectiveness in addressing complex social challenges. On the other hand, corporations’ benefit from aligning their corporate social responsibility initiatives with the expertise and grassroots understanding of NGOs. Such partnerships enhance their brand reputation, foster innovation, and drive employee engagement by offering meaningful avenues for involvement in social causes.

Addressing pressing social issues to foster community resilience

Addressing pressing social issues is imperative for fostering community resilience and sustainable development. By investing in NGOs, corporations play a pivotal role in catalysing positive change on both local and global scales. Whether it’s tackling poverty, promoting education, advancing healthcare, or mitigating environmental degradation, the collective efforts of NGOs and corporate partners have the potential to create tangible and lasting impacts.

Through strategic collaboration, corporations gain insights into the needs and aspirations of communities, enabling them to develop targeted interventions that address root causes and create sustainable solutions. These uplifts disadvantaged populations and contribute to societies’ long-term prosperity and stability.

To commemorate World NGO Day, Isiphosethu Foundation invites community members, corporate leaders, and policymakers to join their third annual fundraising hike on Saturday, 9 March, at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Johannesburg. More details can be found on

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