Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Volunteer Ireland has opened network of volunteer centres where they will be offering free practical advice and guidance to both governments and the community as they understand that their main task is to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

The Volunteer Ireland and the Network of Volunteer Centres are working collectively with all government departments, national organisations and local community groups to support the response to the management of the coronavirus.

The two organisations are working tirelessly to make sure that the most vulnerable members of communities are well catered for during the pandemic period. However, they have several ways in which they are doing this.

As contribution, Volunteer Ireland together with the Network of Volunteer Centres is prioritising recruitment, support and promotion of volunteer roles related to the coronavirus response.

They are also communicating with local volunteers and organisations to let them know what is happening and connect them where relevant. The groups also provide advice and guidance on volunteering safely when dealing with vulnerable members of the public.

Part of the Volunteers organisation is sharing stories of those volunteering and raising awareness of the positive impact of volunteers. They also urge people in different countries to do the same for their communities in fight against the COVID-19.

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