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IQ Logistica launches Farmers Friend Enterprise

IQ Logistica announced today the launch of their new farm management application tool for businesses, Farmers Friend Enterprise. The application aims to offer farming aggregators, financiers, insurers, and product distributors a mirrored experience to Farmers Friend, the company’s already-launched farm management app, on an enterprise scale, allowing them to manage their farming operations and portfolios all from one access point.

Farmers Friend Enterprise is IQ Logistica’s new, transformative solution to bridge the gap between the existing application for farmers on the ground, and their financiers, by integrating individual farm data points into one, centralised space for the Enterprise-user. Here they’ll be able to observe all farming activities, data, and financials to be able to effectively manage their business portfolio, react to risk and maximise opportunities, identified to them live. 

The solution utilises the best-in-practice tech solutions to support a full line-of-sight into all farm activities across all sites, including but not limited to satellite tracking of soil moisture, critical environmental analytics, NDVI, and weather patterns, all presented visually on individualised farm mapping images with applied hotspots and corroborating data visuals and then rolled-up into one, cohesive overview. Furthermore, the app considers almost all daily farm functionality, inputs, and key cost-reduction needs, allowing businesses to flag issues and respond to them and the people on the ground in real time.


“We have seen how Farmers Friend supports the farmer in his day-to-day activities, assisting him or her to input all key metrics to better track the critical details to make a farming operation financially successful,” says David Jeromin, Director of Business Development at IQ Logistica and Farmers Friend. “now, we can effectively offer enterprises the same critical information, across multiple farming operations, all in one place for them to manage their financial portfolio and essentially, farm from anywhere.”


Additional Features and benefits of Farmers Friend Enterprise include, but are not limited to;

  • Key business insights to ensure the human element is managed and course-corrected timeously

  • Minimise overall costs by having one point of information consolidation, allowing the reduction of wastage, such as physical calling for marketers who can now react immediately and make use of algorithmic information to know when to reach out to farmers in the field

  • Critical time saving between information sourcing and submissions for financing

  • Monitoring that allows for the Farmers Friend algorithms to frame specific comparisons to better predict outcomes, react to seasonal risks and develop advisement for future seasons

Farmer Friend Enterprise is available immediately. For more information on Farmers Friend and Farmers Friend Enterprise, visit  

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