International Day of Rural Women focuses on climate resilience

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The theme for this year’s International Day of Rural Women is “Rural women and girls building climate resilience”.

UN Women, along with other UN and development entities, have identified this to be an effective way to empower rural women and girls in the context of climate change. The 2019 Secretary-General report on “Improving the situation of women and girls in rural areas” focuses on climate, and UN Women is implementing multiple programmes to empower women in the face of global warming.

Promoting women’s empowerment through climate resilient agriculture is a mainstay of UN Women’s programmatic activities on sustainable development, and its Joint Programme with FAO, WFP, and IFAD on Rural Women’s Economic Empowerment prioritizes sustainable livelihoods and rights, aiming for, inter alia, increased incomes, and adoption of climate-resilient agricultural practices.

On International Rural Women’s Day, UN Women, along with the UN community,  will be highlighting the implementation of commitments to gender equality by climate change actors, such as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Gender Action Plan, and calling for actions to support the capacities of rural women and girls to respond to climate change through agricultural production, food security, and natural resources management.

Source : UN Women

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